Class AZ:

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  • Must be 18 years old and must have grade 10 English or pass the equivalency test at our school.
  • Minimum requirement-Ontario Class ‘G’ Driver’s License (Class G1 & G2 are not eligible).
  • You are required to have a physical – Have the doctor fill out the MTO’s Ontario medical form. These forms are available free of charge at our offices. The medical form is also available at your local DriveTest Centre.
  • Purchase a copy of the Ministry of Transportation’s ‘Truck Driver Manual’ and read it over in preparation for the Ministry’s Written Test for your beginner’s license. This manual can be purchased at our offices, the DriveTest Centre or your local bookstore. You do not need to purchase the MTO Air Brake Manual, as one is provided with our course.
  • Take your completed Ontario medical form to your local DriveTest Centre when you go to write your beginner’s test. (DriveTest will keep this medical form so make sure you make copies of it before handing it in) You will be required to pay the DriveTest Centre a licensing fee prior to writing the test. Do not write the ‘Z’ endorsement (Air Brake) portion of the test at that time as we provide this course as part of your training.
  • If you have a criminal record, please visit Pardons Canada website. This is an excellent site to help you determine if you need to apply for a pardon, or a US Travel Waiver and how to do it. Applicants who have indictable convictions appearing on their criminal record search may be hindered from finding future employment involving Border Crossing.

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