Truck Driver Training In Toronto Is Now Easy With The Great Truck Driving School Course

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December 13, 2014

Truck Driver Training In Toronto Is Now Easy With The Great Truck Driving School Course

Truck Driver Training In Toronto Is Now Easy With The Great Truck Driving School Course

Great Truck Driving School is a truck driving academy based in Toronto. We are here for helping you to get your commercial truck driving license through proper training and coaching. This procedure is approved and certified to ensure industry compliance. We offer professional training courses as below for school bus, coach, straight truck, small van, and an ambulance:



Now let us see what every student at Great Truck Driving School will learn. And, if you still have any questions, call us at 416-745-1700 directly.

Inclusive Professional Training

Our professionally certified training is comprehensive with flexible timing and schedule. The other important factors consist on-road and off-road training with a forklift and air brake session as well. Our training sessions consist of complete vehicle learning, monitoring, and driving efficiency. Apart from training, you also need to know a lot of other technical stuff involved for being a professional truck driver. This list is based on:

  • G License
  • Clean Driving Record
  • 18 years of age
  • Passed MTO ( Medical test)
  • No criminal record
  • Clearance of written test
  • Road passing test

These are some of the major requirements that you need to follow in order to get your truck driving license from our academy. Apart from learning and understand heavy equipment and Forklift – you will also need a G Ontario license to get certified. However, if you are switching state or province then the procedure is completely different. For more assistance, you can speak with our truck driving trainer or visit the MTO site.

Learn How To Obtain Commercial License

The procedure as stated above is going to be distributed on successful completion of the above-shared list accordingly. As soon as you complete the necessary documentation – you can start the course with our instructor. We fall under one of the oldest and prestigious truck training school in Toronto. Our experts are here to guide you through the whole procedure successfully and enable you to achieve your certification with flying colors. The whole training procedure consists of 4 to 5 parts that allow you to gain confidence and trust your driving abilities. Your medical document needs to be attested by a licensed physician. This may cost to you from $50 to $100 bill.

How To Prepare For Your Driving Test?

This test is not so difficult, but on the other hand, it is also not so easy. If you think you can pass it without any extra effort – then you are wrong. Initially, you are going to get a temporary driving license. For obtaining it, you will need to clear your written test. This temporary license is also called as the Learner’s Permit. A total of $15.00 is going to be charged by the ministry for your written test. Whereas, a total of $89.95 is the fee for your first road test by the ministry. You can get the training material from us, the Great Truck Driving School. Or also from the Ministry of Transportation. These materials are for sale and not free for this purpose. You can also get a lot of material online, but that may not be ministry compliant. We do have a few handbooks that you can purchase for various courses depending on the course you want to pursue or get a license for. A few of these are:

  • For Class A & D – Ontario Truck Driver Licence Practice Test
  • MTO site – The Official MTO Truck Handbook
  • Class B – Ontario Bus Driver Licence Practice Test
  • Ontario Truck Driver Licence Practice Test 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06
  • Test practice with Ontario Air Brake Knowledge
  • Practice test for Ontario Bus Driver Licence
  • Ontario Bus Driver Licence Practice Test- Class B
  • The Official MTO Bus Handbook
  • M1 Practice Test – Ontario M1 Motorcycle Driving Test
  • Official MTO Motorcycle Handbook

Understanding The Highway And Road Safety Protocols

You do have to be of 18+ and more – if truck driving is your passion. It is not an easy task to control and steer a big vehicle on highways. Road safety training is what we focus on before we allow any of our student to come behind the wheel. Further, once we train you about road safety – we focus on getting you comfortable with the trucks and technology involved in our expert courses. Once we start focusing on your written test to get you your learners permit – we also educate and enlighten you about all the protocols and safety features. This helps us to be proud, as we know we have served our purpose not only for our clients but also for our community.

Why Choose Great Truck Driving School?

The main purpose behind this question is to let you know that you do have to be relaxed. You are in trained hands once you signup for our truck drivers courses. Our fame as one of the leading truck training school of Toronto precedes everything else. Our staff to our instructors – all are industry trained experts. We never try to jumble up students, as we like to give focused training to all of our students. Thus, we create one-on-one training seminars and classes. This small size of our class allows our students to discuss openly. Our courses also hold training for forklift and airlift and heavy equipment. Once we have you trained through our courses – you will be confident to pass your final test at the Ministry of Transportation – this will get you your commercial license. Thus, enabling us to serve each of your particular requirement with confidence and beyond par excellence. Don’t have time to chat now? No worries – leave us an email and best time to reach you accordingly.

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