Important Announcement

Effective July 1, 2017, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will be implementing mandatory entry-level training for commercial Class A truck drivers. All new drivers attempting the Class A road test on or after July 1, 2017 will have to successfully complete the mandatory entry-level training course before attempting their Class A Road Test. The new course will have a minimum of 103.5 hours of training and it is anticipated to cost over $6000.00.

MTO MELT (Minimum Entry Level Training)

About Us

Great Truck Driving School is the number One Truck Driving School in Ontario. We are committed to ensure the greatest customer service and can accommodate to your needs. Our highly experienced staff provides professional training for the lowest prices. We are dedicated to your success as you pursue your career. We offer professional training classes for  BZ any school bus, CZ coach bus, DZ straight truck, E small school bus (maximum 24 passengers) , F regular bus (maximum 24 passengers) and ambulance. and provides training for operating all types of forklift.

*Great offer in Vehicle training from 6 AM to midnight,7 days/week.

*One-On-One Training & Flexible schedule.

*Great Classroom Environment.

*Great Tuition Rates.Over 20 year Training Experience

GREAT TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL is the industry leader in providing students the best AZ Tractor-Trailer training. We take driving serious and ensure that every student is provided the best training and are fully prepared for any situation. Students who complete their AZ License training here, will be given the cities best instructors with years of experience. We provide each student with one-on-one lessons which is a vital part of our teaching technique.

All of our instructors are fully certified and come with years of truck driving. As a Private Career College, all of our instructors are certified by the Ontario Safety League and the Ministry of Transportation and each instructor goes through internal training and ensure that every student are provide industry best AZ Tractor-Trailer Training we provide a safe and secure environment

What else do we offer offers all of the necessary courses that any student needs to obtain their AZ,BZ,CZ,DZ,E,F,Z & ALL FORKLIFT Training. With courses to meet your specific needs, and we will guarantee that, when any student has successfully completed our training, they will have been exposed to a wide array of information, including the most modern driving techniques and current road legislation.

Duration of Course: 5 Weeks

Total hours; 104 , No of hours per week; 20.8 hours,

37 hours in class

17 Hours In-Yard (Around the Vehicle)

50 Hours In-Cab (Behind the Wheel)

32 Hours On-Road

18 Hours Off-Road

12 Hours Airbrake (Excluded from Total hours above)

Preparation for “Class A” MTO Written Test

One MTO Road Test Included (Vehicle Supplied)

* Approved by the Ministry of Transportation & Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development *

Refresher Training

Great School Provides Refresher Training or Advanced Standing Training provides students with basic theoretical and practical training to safely operate a Tractor-Trailer and refresh their previous knowledge of driving an AZ vehicle.

If you are or have been previously licensed AZ Driver, these packages may be the perfect option for you to refresh your skills!


Licensed AZ Drivers are allowed to drive any tractor-trailer combination.
They may also drive in class D and G



Refresher Training Covers the following topics in a one on one in cab sessions:

  • Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Airbrakes Practical and Safety Inspections

  • Defensive Driving

  • Route Planning

  • Cargo/ Load Security

  • Regulatory and legal requirements in Canada and the US

  • Highway Training

  • Turns, Backing, Shifting, Coupling & Uncoupling


Depending on your experience (or lack of experience) you can register for a combination of training programs that suit your needs.

Each Driving Lesson is scheduled for 1 Full Hour.

Topics covered during training include Vehicle Inspections, On the Road Training and Yard Work and Safety Procedures.

In Truck Training can be scheduled 7 days a week,  from 8am-12pm.

Lesson (60 Minutes in Duration)


Air Brake Z Endorsement


Dangerous Goods Course


Border Crossing


Log Book Training


Please note that his program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005