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Your search for a truck driving school near Toronto or Niagara ends right here.

With our student-centred truck driving courses,our instructors with 20+ years of trucking experience will thoroughly prepare you for the road ahead and get you revved up for success!

We are a private truck driving school in Toronto and Niagara, operating as a transportation academy, offering the best driving programs and industry-related jobs. Our training sessions are tailored to your convenience and are available in both manual and automatic trucks. We offer flexible scheduling to help you learn at your own pace. Our mission is to help you develop the driving techniques, knowledge and the interpersonal skills necessary for employment in the evolving world of truck driving.

More Than 25+ Years of Training Experience

Our instructors have 25+ years of experience in the trucking field and excel in providing high quality driving programs and professional training. With over one million kilometers driven, our staff is dedicated to your success.

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